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Alpha year in FCM terminated

A link to 1 of my friends so call, crapping post.
Crap it is, but i totally agree and it is one of the belief of my life.


Kat rumah, takdak bawa pc balik.
So forced to use daddy's, so no gaming and so on.
This render me nothing to do, but to blogging, facebook.... in 1 word web-browsing....

Gonna stay like this for 2 weeks, gonna be kinda bored.
But after all i am here, home sweet home. So i guess i can bare with it.
( A totally no no if i am over cyber and i don't have my pc >.< )

Is been 1 year, my alpha year in Faculty of Creative Multimedia is over.
Made quite a lots of friends, and a group of imba zai xD
We have Uncle Roshan, uncle nard, imba yaw, uncle sk... etc etc ... and me ... uncle yun =.=
( Basically we are either being called imba xxx or uncle xxx, i don't know when it started , but i guess it makes us closer =.= )

imba : being imbalance from each other, which we usually mean " walao, y u so pro ?! &…

Memories of childhood, Rave Master.

I don't know anyone still remember 'Rave Master' this anime.
I used to watch it when i am Form 1 or form 2 in AXN =)
It used to be a very hot topic between me n my friends, i remember some of them are kwan theen, vincent and junrong.

There is 1 episode which is very memorable for me, you know why ?
Because i am late to my class watching it xD
I am a noon-shift student when i was form 1-2, so i always the get chances to watch the replay of this anime.
And 1 day, i miss that episode in the previous day, so i end up watching it 2nd day, and i was late to my class because i want to finish that episode. ( But i feel very satisfied when i can talk to my friend about what happen, they missed that episode too xD )

I even remember what is that episode about, is the episode when Haru 1st time activated Runesave to rescue Ellie. So so so memorable memories =)
Too bad, the anime stop at episode 50+, which is only at the volume 12 in manga ( 35 volumes in total )
So to finish it, i am currentl…

DF3 .... over... yeah....

DF 终于结束了. 这让人烦恼的课总算结束了.
不过还有 CG....

自己做的 artwork, ermmm... chemat 好像不喜欢. 应该是我没把它frame 起来吧.
不过大多数人都说不错, 自己也算满意了.
这 artwork 花了我接近 RM100... 这数目还好, 很多朋友花了更多钱呢 @.@
这一次的是用了 Adobe Photoshop 完成的, 有500MB 那么大.... ( 做时, 电脑慢到..... )
不过 merge 后是 200MB, 不然 print 都辛苦了.
希望它不会让我失望, 让我安全过关吧~!!

这就是我的 final artwork 了. 是关于 Gaza 发生的战争.

眼泪则是我选择的 metaphor ( 是借代品吗 ? 终止是运用一件事情或物品来表达某些讯息 ).

和我睡的床比较, 不会小哦. 所以 print 就 print 穷我了.... =.=

自己的许多朋友也做了很多很棒的作品, 得空我就 upload 去 facebook 让大家看看吧.