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Satisfy with my 3rd family members, Ace-zai.
Altho not 101% smooth or perfect... but since i haven't rooted it, maybe it can be even better ?
But in anyway, is so much better than my k530i, right ?
Plus, i don't have the face for iWhat thingy.... even with budget, i will lay my hands on SGS2 as well.
If pingguo is about the number 1, if la.... then as usual, i would like to be the runner up.
Which is something you can say is unique about me ... i just don't like being at the top, second sounds better for me.

Nothing so spectacular with my Galaxy Ace... So no need post what photo la... not that luxurious pun.
Just ... i think i should update this blog once a while.


我习惯了无数的习惯, 你告诉我说 "好多习惯~" ...
一年半载后, 或许你懂了什么是习惯... 把那一习惯乘于百倍, 这或许就是我的感受...
而你又知道我这些习惯, 少了它们, 我有多不习惯吗.... ?








Just my 2 cents.

What's big nowadays ? I'm sure everyone know about all the disaster happening over Japan.
Struck by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, coast-side city washed by high tide and tsunami. And when worse come to worse, the potential devastating happening at Fukushima, Japan.
Lethal radiation are all over the air, generator fails down 1 by 1 and emergency restoration doesn't progress much.
Reaching level 5 of radiation level/radiation crisis, thus far the second lethal in human history.
Japan is desperate, and so do everyone in this world. If things get any worse, if the nuclear plant goes meltdown... nobodies know what will happen to Japan and countries nearby Japan. And remembering how my physics teacher taught me, radiation is something that spread on like no one's business .... perhaps the whole world will be affected. Well, yes or no , this is something everyone should concern with.

Regarding the issue at Fukushima, my deepest respect will be towards the Fukushima 50.
The volu…


終於明白 美好的往往留不下
卻能給人 最深最遠的影響
你笑容裡的暖洋 你說過的每句話
總是 陪著我出門又陪著我回家
很感謝你 給我了好長的依靠
那種甜蜜 不是想要就能得到
我會微笑著退讓 全歸你的功勞

我能體諒 你離開我的身旁 超越我的感傷
我能體諒 你要的那個遠方 讓我追不上
都那麼的愛过 有什麼不能為 不能為對方著想

我能體諒 你肩膀除了自由 都不願意扛
我能體諒 你的心多麼害怕 被綑綁
就讓愛的人也能愛他所愛 也算是幸福啊

因為愛你 我上了最好的一課
原來成長 不只是一味的快樂
你忠於你的選擇 要更好的人生
我不能陪你 至少要幫你完成


都一段日子了... 却兜回了原点...
但我不会让自己逗留太久... 这, 我能答应.



对, 上着网了. 不过不是因为 unifi 好了, 是又向邻居'借用'了.
前几天, 突然很有冲动得想要写篇关于曾经的题材.
但现在... 既然意念褪色了, 也其实没必要写出来... 所以, 哈哈... 不写了吧.

最近觉得痛透了, 是钱包.
缴费就一大笔钱了.... 之后还要烧一大笔.
不是不知道钱银难赚.... haiz... 能有些额外的收入就好了.
也真的要左省右省的.... 最遭是最基本的吃, 我就办不到全省了.... 太便宜的不好吃, 吃不下也浪费那样子.

这学期嘛.... 应该也会挺有难度的... 基本上... 从来没容易过.... >.<
不那么喜欢的是... 假期总感觉好短.
这个假期都在忙, 都没什么好好休息就回到赛城了.... 遗憾.

大姐过门了. 以后新年, 感觉就不一样了.... 但这难免吧.
席酒当天还挺开心的, 虽然有些不愉快的事情发生.. 但无关紧要, 没关系.

现在真的好想就躺在家里的大床上, 听歌, 休息.... 我就满足了.
很多时候, 还是会感觉好累好累...



Been staring this blank page for like.... 10 minutes ?
Seriously, i trynna write something... guess i have nothing in my mind... not exactly.. but nothing that are suitable.
Why don't i just yell out ... Damn, i have not enough holiday ! Screw cyberjaya !

=[ .... 

*crossed finger* waiting for my next boubuizai.